Gus Dean Coffee

Gus Dean Cold Brew Coffee - Blueberry Kush - 10MG Delta-9 THC/10MG CBD


INTRODUCING: Blueberry Kush

Ready-To-Drink THC & CBD Infused Cold Brew

Packed with 10mg THC, 10mg CBD & 120mg Caffeine

Medium Roast 100% Brazilian Arabica Beans

Whether relaxing alone or celebrating with friends, Blueberry Kush is the perfect infused cold brew. It is about creating a state of mind, the sense of well-being, and knowing you are living your best life.


About Blueberry Kush Cold Brew

Blueberry Kush is a premium cannabis infused cold brew coffee with a rich coffee flavor and subtle hint of blueberry cinnamon.

Blueberry Kush is perfect for relaxing alone or celebrating with friends. It contains THC, CBD, and Caffeine. 

• Delta-9 THC - Creates a slight tilt to reality
• CBD - Provides a connected sense of well-being
• Caffeine - Maintains energy levels

Blueberry Kush can be found in cannabis dispensaries and fine establishments throughout Minnesota.

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