Jesse Ventura Farms

Jesse Ventura Farms 38th Governor's Collection Chocolate - Blue Dream (Sativa) - 50MG THCV/50MG CBGA/50MG CBC


Dark Chocolate Cannabis-Infused Dark Chocolate Bar. Infused with terpenes for an enhanced flavor and effects, each chocolate piece features the uplifting Blue Dream sativa strain. With an energizing blend of 5mg THCV, 5mg CBGA, and 5mg CBC per piece, this decadent chocolate bar offers a harmonious fusion of reminiscent flavors and invigorating effects. Savor the rich taste of Blueberry Dark Chocolate, perfectly complemented by the uplifting essence of Blue Dream terpenes. Crafted with precision, each chocolate bar contains 10 chocolate pieces, promising a delightful experience with every bite.

  • Each chocolate bar contains 10 pieces infused with 50mg THCV, 50mg CBGA, and 50mg CBC total
  • Each piece delivers a balanced dose of 5mg THCV, 5mg CBGA, and 5mg CBC
  • Flavor profile: Blueberry Dark Chocolate
  • Strain: Blue Dream
  • Type: Sativa
  • Crafted with care at Retro Bakery
  • Infused with terpenes for added effects and flavor
  • Perfect for those seeking a potent and flavorful day-boosting experience
  • Conveniently packaged for on-the-go enjoyment

Certificate of Analysis