Nature’s Design

Nature’s Design Gummy - Hybrid Blueberry Mimosa - 5MG THC/3.5MG CBC/2.5MG CBG/1MG CBD


The Nature's Design Hybrid Gummies are a customer favorite flavor of blueberry mimosa. This formulation offers a cannabinoid profile that is extremely relaxing without being sedating. This gummy is perfect for a customer who does not want to be overwhelmed with mental effects. This gummy is also perfect for someone looking for physical relief without sedation. This product can be great for daytime activities due to its clear headed nature but can also be great for the evening to help relieve stress or pain after a long day. This product comes with 10 gummies per pack and is vegan, gluten free and non GMO.


Cannabinoid Profile:

5mg D9 THC per gummy (50mg per pack)

3.5mg CBC per gummy (35mg per pack)

2.5mg CBG per gummy (25mg per pack)

1mg CBD per gummy (10mg per pack)


The main minor Cannabinoid this product is focused on is CBC or cannabichromene. Much like CBN, research indicates CBC seems to mainly target the CB2 receptors in the peripherals of the body and the immune system. Though it seems to offer many of the same benefits of CBN like anti anxiety, relaxation, pain relief and antimicrobial effects it does not seem to have the same sedating effects. Many people get the most anti anxiety benefit from CBN but cant use it daily due to it sedating effects, CBC focused product might be the perfect solution. 

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