NuQanna Cooler - Blueberry Lemonade - 5MG THC


 NuQanna Seltzer was created to deliver a high
functioning non-alcohol beverages that are great
for any social setting.
THC users know the benefits of enjoying a little
for recreation and relaxation. One full dose of Δ9
THC in each can; chill, and your client’s are ready
to party with no regrets.
Taste was our number one priority while
formulating these innovative products.

Our research has shown people want other
beverage options. NuQanna Seltzer offers your
clients refreshing taste, bold flavors, with the
benefits of THC.
Our easy-to-enjoy cans offer harmoniously
blended fruit juices with just the right amount of
carbonation; this drink rivals any libation on the
market for flavor and experience.

Certificate of Analysis