NuQanna Energy & Focus Nano Gummy - Pineapple - 20 Pack - 50MG THC 50MG CBD 50MG CBG


∆9 Nano gummies are soft, delicious, and juicy good. You’ll
love the taste while experiencing the magic of ∆9Nano
Pineapple Gummies. A full dose of 5mg ∆9THC is packed into
each gummy; 50mg ∆9THC per pack!
These gummies are full-spectrum, which means it has
numerous other cannabinoid compounds from the cannabis
plant, in addition to ∆9THC.
∆9 Nano has a quicker onset because the isolate particles are
smaller. This helps the consumer to refine their dose.

CBG, CBD and ∆9 THC coupled with the awakening effects
of citrus make our energy and focus gummy helpful in waking
up the mind’s cannabinoidal receptors which may enhance
pleasure and motivation.
Cannabigerol (CBG) works by binding to cannabinoid
receptors in the body and strengthens the function of
anandamide, a neurotransmitter.
CBG has been shown to improve motor deficits; improve
levels of antioxidants and have neuroprotective properties.
All without the effects of a “high”.*
NuQanna offers a healthy dose of two potent cannabinoids
in ZENERGY to enhance energy, focus and motivation
throughout the day.

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