NuQanna Nano Gummies - Stawberry - 50 Pack - 50MG THC


Nano delivery increases bioavailibility and onset
time. This helps the consumer refine their dose.
∆9 Nano gummies are perfect for those new to
consuming THC. Sometimes consumers want
a little THC to complement their day without it
being a party.
These gummies are full-spectrum, which means
it has trace elements of other cannabinoid

compounds from the cannabis plant, in addition
to ∆9 THC.
∆9 Nano gummies are soft, delicious, juicy
good and deliver a 1mg dose of ∆9THC in each
flavorful gummy; a full 50mg ∆9THC per pack.
Perfect for Low Tolerance or for micro dosing;
and great for sharing.

Certificate of Analysis