NuQanna Premium Chocolate Bars - 50MG D9 THC


Our chemists worked diligently to incorporate
our extractions with the finest, dark Belgium
This hand-crafted chocolate uses a variety
of cacao beans blended for balance; this mix
coupled with a whole bean roast results in a
cocoa rich in taste and aroma.
The hand-crafting doesn’t stop there. At our
facility in Minnesota, each bar is individually
poured, wrapped and packaged from carefully
infused and tempered chocolate.
Sustainable farming, 53% cocoa and the benefits
of hemp oil makes this a chocolate your clients
can feel good about!
Yummy White Chocolate Blueberry, is a beautiful
bar with blueberries incorporated into rich white

chocolate. Lightly salted with sea salt, one
piece will quench that salty sweet craving while
providing an experience only offered with THC
and CBD.
Real blood orange flavor infused into decadent
dark chocolate made this one of our fastest selling
Our Dark Chocolate Peppermint bar incorporates
real peppermint candy perfectly tempered with
our quality dark chocolate.
NuQanna Full-Spectrum ∆9THC Premium
Chocolate is offered in two strengths:
5mg per serving totalling
50mg per ∆9THC bar and
10 mg per serving totalling
100mg ∆9THC per bar.

Dark Chocolate Sea Salted Peppermint Certificate of Analysis

White Chocolate Sea Salted Blueberry Certificate of Analysis

Dark Chocolate Blood Orange Certificate of Analysis

 White Chocolate Strawberry Certificate of Analysis

Mint & Chip Certificate of Analysis